An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.
~ Martin Buber

Our pets are a very important part of our lives! They love us unconditionally (for treats of course), curl up next to us on the couch during our favorite show, look up at us with cute sad eyes when we find them being "bad", and are our kids' best friends. They bring laughter, comfort, and happiness into our home because, the truth is, our house is not a home without them.

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Prices for Watercolor & Sketches
 5" x 7"     -     $20.00
 8" x 8"     -     $30.00
   8" x 10"    -    $35.00   
 8" x 12"    -    $40.00
11" x 14"   -   $50.00
12" x 12"   -   $60.00
12" x 18"   -   $75.00
Can you do a portrait of any animal?
Yes! Don’t have a furry friend? No problem. I can do a pet portrait of any animal - horse, dog, cat, reptile, amphibian, bird, hamster, pig, ferret, armadillo, squirrel, insect, monkey, etc.

What do you need from me?
All I need to create your custom pet portrait is a photograph of your pet. The picture should be clear (pictures taken in natural light make the best references) and your pet should be in the desired pose that you would like your pet painted in. For example, if you would like your dog captured chewing a ball, I would need a photograph of he or she chewing on a ball.

Can I have a portrait with more than one pet?
Yes. An additional pet in the portrait is $10.00. You can send me a separate photograph for the additional pet and I will incorporate them into the layout. Again, please send a photograph with the desired pose for that pet.  If you would like more than 2 pets in the portrait, please contact me to customize your portrait.

Can I pick my background color?
Yes. After I have received your photograph, we will discuss desired layout and background color(s).

Can I see the portrait’s progress?
Sure. If you would like, I can send you images via e-mail after I have done the layout sketch or at any other stage you desire.

What if I do not like the finished portrait?
Your satisfaction is my #1 priority. If, after several attempts of correcting the portrait to your liking, you are not happy with the finished portrait, I will refund you 100%. Please note, any rejected portraits become the property of the artist.

Do I get the original portrait?

Will you sell copies of my pet’s portrait?
You will receive the original artwork and I will not sell copies of your pet’s portrait without your permission.

Where can I purchase a Custom Pet Portrait?
You can purchase either a watercolor or sketch pet portrait below by selecting the desired size you would like and clicking "Add to Cart." You will be directed to Paypal for checkout. Note: If you would like an additional pet in your portrait, click on "Continue Shopping" in your cart and you will be directed back to this page to select "Additional Pet" and "Add to Cart."

You can also purchase a Custom Pet Portrait at my Etsy shop TesoroArt.

Watercolor Pet Portrait
Sketched Pet Portrait